Irlen Diagnostic Assessment

The Irlen Diagnostic Assessment answers the questions:


  • What coloured lenses will be helpful?

  • Where will they be helpful? 


If the Irlen Screening shows perceptual difficulties, you will be advised to have a vision check with an optometrist, if you have not already so, to check for any vision difficulties.


the appointment.If a prescription is required, bring it and the frames chosen to


In this session,  


  • you choose the precise tint combinations which make the page more comfortable to work on and reduce print distortions.


  • you check whether the Irlen tints make positive changes only for reading or also for the environment. 


An Irlen Diagnostic Assessment can take up to 2 hours, sometimes over more than one session.  

For some, the process is easier and shorter.


Who can carry out an Irlen Diagnostic Assessment?


Only a trained Irlen Diagnostician knows how to follow the Irlen Method for a precise choice of tints required.


 While some relief can be found by just having any coloured lenses, they are unlikely to provide the best, long-term improvement.


Why is this important?


Irlen Lenses has been researched and tested for over 30 years.  


Their benefits are well documented.


Other colours may have significant unintended consequences