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Find answers to:

  • What is Irlen Syndrome?

  • How does it affect my or my  child's life?

  • How to overcome it?

right here in Irlen Central.

Irlen Syndrome
Do I have it?   

 (Sadly, some people still tell you it doesn’t exist !)

Smiling Man now wearing blue Irlen Precision Spectral FIltersBlue Irlen lenses
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We knew that Irlen Precision Spectral Filters (Lenses) help reduce visual stress for reading and learning.

Woman wit Irlen Precision Spectral FIlters finding it easier to write

We now know that Irlen lenses help more than reading. 
Irlen lenses can help you if you experience issues with:


Irlen Dealing with glare.jpg

and depth perception

and productivity

Migraines & Irlen
Visual Stress, Colour and ASD
Want to know more?
National Geographic Front Cover showing effects of Irlen Syndrome

Get help fast....

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