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If you want to know...A very concise summary of the last 55 years.
Some of you will know that I have worked with hypnosis, neurofeedback and many other modalities since the 1970s. I was one of the first in Australia to use Low Energy Neurofeedback Systems in the 90’s, which is still regarded as revolutionary today.

Also that I’ve worked as a “demonstration “ teacher, a school principal and later a lecturer in Educational Psychology and evaluation. I taught in the Graduate Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis, having allied health professionals, dentists and medical practitioners as students. I’ve supervised Guidance Officers and provided assessments and reports for students in schools. I had fun experimenting with speed reading, speed writing, pain management and stop smoking with hypnosis, learning about the amazing mind-body connection. The body has more information and potential than we realised. Unfortunately,

I discovered that despite evidence of their own eyes, for example, when children improved in reading rate and accuracy using coloured overlays, it was not acceptable to incorporate this information into official reports. So many children missed out.

After years of providing wonderful neurofeedback support, the move to Mt Barker has meant a redefining of work.

Now if you are willing to discover significant changes calming the brain and changing your behaviour through colour, music and dealing with limiting unconscious belief systems, I would love to hear from you.

Qualifications: BA, Dip App Psych, Dip T, Dip Hyp; Grad Dip Clin Hyp, Dip N Me Past/Present Memberships: iSNR, APS, ACNEM, ANSA, AIPP Past Treasurer and Committee member AAAPB, iSNR (Pacific rim chapter),Past APS Branch Councillor, NT Treasurer and Chairperson.

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