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Is reading, handwriting or learning still a problem?

Boy holding eyes reading.png
  • Even with extra support at school?

  • Even with private tutoring?

  • Even with glasses?

One of the 
unacknowledged causes of ongoing reading/learning difficulties is visual stress because of poor visual processing (Irlen Syndrome), not poor vision.
Poor visual processing does not usually improve with time, maturation, more reading practice or even the best teaching and tutoring.

Do Irlen lenses help with reading and writing?
No.  Unless that person has Irlen Syndrome.
But colour can help even mild Irlen Syndrome

Read what this Queensland
school did  to really improve NAPLAN scores with the help
of Irlen overlays and lenses.

Poor School Results?

Talk to your child's school!

Reading and learning aren't the only things to consider!


Difficulties can occur
in any of these areas.

Communication - balanced
Ball skills - depth perception in sports
Busy visual environments
Bright - glare  environments
Communication-noticing cues

Irlen behaviour many not be recognised

Get help fast....

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