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What is Irlen® Syndrome?

Millions of people use Irlen® Lenses for Irlen Syndrome, but what is it?
Irlen syndrome...
  • is not a learning disability
    but can cause specific learning problems.


  • is not a visual difficulty
    but can cause  visual stress.


  • is a visual perceptual dysfunction
    affected by lighting, glare, high contrast, patterns and colours.

  • is not an "eye problem"  but a problem with the brain processing visual information. 

  • affects how you perceive the printed page.
    It's tiring because you have to keep adapting to distortions from print in the background.


  • can cause you to confuse letters, words and sentences, and numbers.

  • can be worse under bright or flourescent lights

  • makes it harder for you to deal with moving objects - balls, people, escalators etc. Bad for sportspeople!

  • puts another layer of stress, “visual stress” into the system and can increase symptoms associated with other difficulties such as PTSD or TBI.

  • can be easily and effectively dealt with through use of colour. 

Optometrists  and Irlen practitioners look for different information 

What is Irlen Syndrome and
what can you do about it?

Watch the differences Irlen Overlays
and Lenses can make

For more information see Irlen® Institute below

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