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How can you help as an Irlen Provider? 

As an Irlen® Professional, you can help to "transform lives"...
Irlen® Lenses help relieve symptoms of:
  • Poor Reading

  • Untidy Handwriting

  • Stress using a computer

  • Poor Coordination and Balance

  • Migraines/ Headaches

  • Poor Concentration or Attention

  • Poor ability to play in team sports

  • Sensory Sensitive Behaviour

  • PTSD

  • Closed Head Injuries

You can support individuals with Irlen Syndrome through:
Becoming a PASS provider
Irlen® P.A.S.S. (Pre-Assessment for Scotopic Sensitivity) Training Course: is available for those already working "at the coalface"...teacher aides, teachers, OT's, Speech pathologists and other allied health professionals, and medical practitioners who consistently work with individuals experiencing visual stress difficulties that have been hard to resolve.
As a PASS professional, you investigate what is going on with the individual and assess whether symptoms are consistent with Irlen Syndrome and what can be done for individuals who work, or studying at  school or further education. If there is a need for further testing, you refer to this clinic or to the nearest Irlen Diagnostician/Screener, who will conduct further testing.

this is a 4 hour presentation. The training is free but test materials must be paid for.

Becoming an Irlen Screener
In addition to above, Irlen® Screeners help determine whether colour will make a difference.  You provide coloured overlays as a temporary measure  and you refer individuals with Irlen Syndrome to  the nearest Diagnostician.
Irlen® Screeners are Certified by the Irlen® Institute to carry out assessments. 

You can now complete Irlen Screener Training on-line with Helen Irlen  March 23/24.  For information, contact or call 562-496-2550

We can provide one-on-one training at a time to suit you.
This is a two day certification course with theory input and practical demonstration and practice.
Becoming an Irlen Diagnostician
Irlen® Diagnosticians can carry out PASS and screening assessments. They carry out tinting assessments to help determine the exact colours which are to be put into Irlen Precision Spectral Filters/Lenses.

These lenses will make the maximum improvements in reducing print distortions and environmental perceptual stressors
Diagnosticians are provided with very intensive training, minimum of 5 days and are trained from the pool of screeners who are interested in and have demonstrated personal and professional suitability. 
PASS Training
Screener training
Diagnostician Training
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