Become an Irlen  Provider 

Irlen® Lenses help relieve symptoms of


Poor Reading


and Balance



Poor Concentration


Sensory Sensitive


Closed Head Injuries

As an Irlen® Professional, you can help 
depending on training and certification
PASS Provider
PASS trained professionals investigate different aspects of the client's experience and assess whether symptoms are consistent with Irlen Syndrome.
PASS training is available to teacher aides, teachers, other allied health professionals, and medical practitioners who are interested in children's learning difficulties or HR and Work Health professionals, are able to provide PASS assessments.
If you share that passion, please ask for further information here.    
Irlen® Screener 
In addition, certified Irlen® Screeners determine whether colour will make a difference, what coloured overlays make a difference and provide overlays for temporary assistance.
Allied health professionals, teachers and optometrists can be trained as certified Irlen® screeners, identifying individuals with difficulties and referring them to the nearest Irlen® diagnostician.
Irlen® Screeners are Certified by the Irlen® Institute to carry out assessments. Screeners belong to the AAIC, the Australasian Association of Irlen® Consultants and abide by its code of ethics and regulations.
This is a three-day training and provides screeners with the manual, test materials and Irlen® Overlays to immediately begin screening clients. Ask for more information here.
Irlen® Diagnostician 
Irlen® Diagnosticians are able to help determine the precise colours or tints for Irlen Precision Spectral Filters,  lenses, required to make the maximum improvements in reducing print distortions and environmental perceptual stressors
Screeners who have demonstrated personal and professional suitability can request training to be diagnosticians.