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Self Test Adult

Check out these questions.


If the answer is "yes" to 3 or more of these them, an Irlen® Screening could be helpful. 



  • Do you unintentionally skip lines, repeat lines or lose your place?

  • Do you have to re-read in order to understand?

  • Are you easily distracted?

  • Do you avoid reading whenever possible?

  • Do you experience headaches or fatigue?



  • Do your eyes hurt, burn, itch, water, become tired, ache?

  • Does it take energy and effort to see the words clearly?

  • Do your eyes become strained after a short time of computer use?

  • Does reading appear harder, the longer you read.



  • Does print ever blur or seem fuzzy?

  • Move or merge?

  • Double, distort or fade?

  • Get darker in colour?

  • Have bright halos or shadows?


Light Sensitivity

  • Sunlight too bright and/or sunglasses a necessity?

  • It uncomfortable to read or work under bright or fluorescent light?

  • White pages, computer screens / white boards seem too white/bright?

  • Headlights or streetlights bother you or have halos?



  • Experience “unexplained” headaches or migraines?

  • Overtired at the end of the work day?

  • Need breaks often during work


Depth Perception

  • Hold onto the railing while walking up or down stairs/escalators?

  • Bump into objects, veer into people when walking beside them?

  • Have trouble catching, hitting or following a ball while watching sport on TV?

  • Have difficulty judging traffic, distance between cars, lane changing, overtaking, parking? .



based on Self-Test for Irlen Syndrome © 1990 Helen L Irlen Rev. 1997

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