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Irlen® Self Test Child 

Check the following out with your child.


If the answer is "yes" to 3 or more of these questions, an Irlen® Screening would be useful.  


Does your child have difficulty with reading?

  • Has slow, stop-and-go reading

  • Ignores full stops and commas

  • Does not understand or remember what has been read?


Does your child have difficulty with spelling and handwriting?

  • Has uneven writing

  • Makes spelling errors even when copying

  • Confuses similar letter, n/m, words, was/saw or numbers, 2/5?


Does your child have difficulties with attention?

  • Become fidgety, “hyperactive”, restless or easily distracted?

  • Avoids reading or looks away when reading

  • Daydreams in class?


Does your child have difficulty with visual perception?

  • Complains about letters looking “funny” or moving

  • Loses his/her place when copying from the board or a book?

  • Blinks, squints or moves his/her head to make reading “easier.”


Does your child have light sensitivity?

  • Prefers to read in dull light or in a darker part of the room?

  • Says computer screens, whiteboards, Smart Boards are too bright or glary?

  • Squints when outside, complain about the light, like to wear a hat?


Does your child have difficulty with depth perception?

  • Seems "clumsy", drops things, knock into furniture, spills drinks?

  • Has difficulty catching a (tennis) ball on the full?

  • Veer into you when walking beside you?

based on Self-Test for Irlen Syndrome © 1990 Helen L Irlen Rev. 1997

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