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Details and Costs

Initial Screening:

Using various perceptual tasks this assessment helps to determine to what extent  the various difficulties and distortions experienced form part of Irlen Syndrome and whether you will benefit from further evaluation for Irlen Spectral Filters. $180 plus $120 for a report.
We ask that you have a vision assessment with an optometrist (if not already done) to eliminate possible visual causes of difficulties.
Tint Assessment:

If the screening assessment indicates significant concerns, a tinting session is recommended. In this session, you work with your own unique combination of filters/tints to find which filter out the specific light wavelengths causing difficulties. 

Physical symptoms should disappear completely or substantially improve.
When reading a page, it will still look white; but the print will be clearer, more stable and more comfortable.
An Irlen Method Tint Assessment costs $250
Tinting the lenses:

Details of your chosen tint/s are sent with your frames, (marked by the optometrist if you have a prescription) to the laboratory in WA to construct and tint the lenses. The cost for this depends on whether there is a prescription and the type of prescription. This may vary between $265 and $500 or more for special needs such as digital surfacing of multifocal lens.

Follow Up:

Two months after receiving your lenses we can schedule a follow-up session if desired, to ensure they are being properly “run in” and used, and to check on improvement or ongoing difficulties ($50).

Please Note:

Your optometrist will test your vision and advise whether you need corrective lenses, but please do not have glasses made up until after your Irlen assessment. 
Click here for a handout which describes  the best frames for Irlen Lenses.
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