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Irlen® Syndrome...The Beginning


In 1983 Helen Irlen presented at the annual Conference of the American Psychological Association the results of a study
involving 1500 student,s which demonstrated the
existence what was called Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome
and the Irlen Method of treatment. Helen, an Associate
Professor and  psychologist working with college students
who had learning difficulties first discovered the usefulness
of coloured plastic overlays when some of the students told
her of their improvements in reading when using them.  After finding that no other professionals: OT's, GPs, Optometrists, Educators, Speech Pathologist, or Psychologists, had  
considered the issue, she set about devising the system
which has become the Irlen Method.

Over the years, Helen Irlen has supervised  research projects, written several books and developed better
and easier, though still rigorous, approaches to assessment.


Many attempts have been
made to re-produce Irlen filters, but there is a vast difference between the benefits of Irlen Lenses
and other coloured lenses. Find out more ... 

Look at this video. Notice how long ago Irlen Lenses were found to be helpful! 

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